Debt Financing

GSR Finance, a subsidiary of Goldstein, Roth and Co. has an active practice in providing SME debt of $2m-$100m to small & medium sized businesses. We assist companies in navigating the maze of bank lending procedures as well as reach out to NBFCs, UHNI Family Offices and Venture Debt funds to execute the transactions in the quickest possible manner.

Because of our large volumes and the relationships with banks that Goldstein, Roth & Co, bring to the table, we have unique arrangements with domestic lenders, both Banks and NBFCs so our loans are given the highest possible priority through digital information sharing with the banks. We have team members from various banks dedicated to our team and so we can provide a turn around time of as little as 5 days. The maximum we will typically take end-to-end is 30 days.

We specialise in structured products like:

Promoter funding, LAP, LRD, LAS, Bill Discounting, Project Finance and the like. We also can tap our international lenders through Goldstein Roth & Co. and bring in International lenders for more complex situations and instruments that are out of reach of domestic institutions.

To get a Corporate Loan of any kind in 5-15 days and at the most competitive rates send an email to